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    Serabee Brings It Home This Year With Her Holiday Song "This Christmas"

    The holidays have been hard for all of us for the past two years, and we all are ready to have a magical season this year. So, grab a cup of holiday cheer, light up the house with friends and family as Serabee's song "This Christmas" fills your heart on the living room stereo.


    Filled with Serabee's lush voice of pure joy she brings us together once again. Reminding us to live in the moment for life is fleeting.

    The song was written by Serabee and recorded in 2020 at Rabadash Studios in Covington, LA, where she and producer John Autin were working. Engineer Marc Hewitt secretly hit the record button to let the song flow as Serabee sat at the piano. It was an impulse moment that will forever be a lasting memory for the songstress.

    After that initial recording, John Autin added other instruments to the sparse arrangement to give its lush sound.

    Players on "This Christmas" are Dave Easley on Dobro, Nick Necaise on Organ/B3, and Lance Seymour on Guitar, and John added various sounds with Bass Guitar, strings, bells, as well. Serabee did all the Background Vocals. The video was reshot at the studios, with Sho Hogg Productions overlapping images of Serabee roaming around the beautiful Southern Hotel in Downtown Covington.

  • About Serabee

    "I was born on Saturday and singing on Sunday," as Sera so aptly puts it. “Music is in my blood, and the road I’ve traveled can’t help but form my music.” ​

    Sera hails direct from Kiln, Mississippi with the wandering strains of roadhouse blues and rollicking revivals psychically embedded in her songs. Irresistible, pop, country and R&B adorned in her soulful vocal presence and piano playing.
    As a singer, songwriter and musician, the creative edge of Sera points to this soulful artist's deep roots and colorful background in the American Sou

    th. Growing up the daughter of a Pentecostal minister father (always a bluesman at heart) and a singer/songwriter mother, Sera was raised on the music of Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Sam Cooke, Bob Dylan, Dolly, Aretha and of course, good ole gospel music. From an early age, she traveled with her family’s tent revivals, leading the musical praise and worship, excelling on vocals, the Hammond B-3 organ and piano.

    Striking out on her own, Sera began performing in New Orleans & Mississippi clubs where she garnered quite a local following. As a naturally gifted songwriter, with a strong commercial appeal, Sera penned the number one smash hit “Crazy Chick” for platinum sensation Charlotte Church.

    Sera has just recently finished recording her next album, drawing on her natural ability and southern heritage to create a diverse work with universal appeal. She has returned home to her roots in New Orleans, recorded the new project with her band which she produced herself and without the interruption of anyone, relying on her own brand of magic.

    Sera feels it will be very poignant and nostalgic, the prodigal daughter returning home to embrace her roots and to record what she calls "the front porch songs" in a historical 1920s church turned studio in New Orleans.

    She knows this southern, soulful direction will finally be the sound that her fans and the world will know her for and the album of her career that will touch her many fans.

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  • What People Are Saying

    Mark R.

    Serabee is sooo good. Especially if you have family in from out of town, go to Mosaic for drinks, food, pre-holiday hang/chill and I guarantee you'll have special memories. Serabee is also beautiful. Besides singing her a** off, her piano playing is smokin’. I sometimes wonder if Sera is the love child of Professor Longhair and Etta James.

    Savana R.

    I love your music and voice so much that I've practically worn out your CD! And this new song, This Christmas, just made me cry with emotion. It is so damn great! Thank you for being in my life. I can't wait for your next release!

    John Autin

    Rabadash Entertainment

    The first time I heard Serabee she made me believe in Music again. She takes me to new places I’ve never been every time I hear her sing.

    Lorie W.

    I saw Serabee last night....not only the singer of one of my favorite songs but also someone that I loved on the Voice! It’s gonna take me awhile to come back down to Earth after last night! Thank you, Sera for making this weekend so memorable!

    Todd P.

    Serabee it is hard to believe how talented you are! I love watching you in a large theatre, but at the same time you're so humble when you sing and entertain on my back porch. Love you always !!!

    Selwyn M.

    Went to see the lovely Serabee last night at the Main Room in the Beau Rivage in Biloxi. It was a special evening and a great hang with Sera, Jim Bateman and Anthony T. Gibson. Good people, Good Times.

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    Nashville, TN
    Steve Bogen, agent for Serabee
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